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CYCO welcomes everybody and every bike.

There isn't anything we can't or won't do (mechanically speaking of course).

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CYCO Workshop

Overseen by Darren Murray, our workshop hires only the best mechanics in NZ, we pride ourselves in delivering world class mechanical service and advice. Book your bike in for a service and experience what our team can do for your ride.

  • Silver - $149

    Perfect for regular maintenance and fine-tuning, ensuring your bike stays in optimal condition. This service includes tuning the gears and brakes to maintain smooth operation, bleeding the brakes if necessary, and updating the firmware on DI2, Sram AXS, Bosch, Shimano, or TQ motors. Additionally, we thoroughly inspect the wheels, bearings, and tires, clean the frame and wheels, and finish with a test ride to guarantee everything is functioning perfectly.

  • Gold - $249

    We build upon the comprehensive care provided in the Silver Service, offering an even more thorough overhaul for your bike. The Gold Service adds a complete strip, degrease, and clean of the drivetrain. This meticulous process ensures that every component of your bike's drivetrain is spotless and functioning at its best. After reassembly, we perform a test ride to confirm that your bike is operating smoothly and efficiently.

  • Platinum $349

    The ultimate in bike care, combining all the benefits of the other services with an even more extensive treatment. This includes a complete bike strip of all components, followed by an extensive degreasing and cleaning of each part. Each component is thoroughly cleaned, we carefully check and test all parts before reassembling your bike. To ensure peak performance, we finish with a test ride.

  • Pivot Service


    Strip Down and rebuild of the rear end of your mountain bike, this should be performed annually to get the best out of your bike, we replace bearings with Enduro Max which are designed specifically for full suspension bikes. Price is labour only and doesn’t include bearings.

  • Bearing Service


    Got that annoying creak that won't go away, this service includes re-greasing your bottom bracket, hubs, and headset, after this is performed your bike is ridden to ensure it is as quiet as the day you purchased it.

  • All the Extras

    $129 p/h

    • Wheel True
    • Wheel Build
    • Gear tune
    • Brake Tune
    • Brake bleed
    • Brake Drivetrain
    • Clean Suspension Service
    • Anything else you need

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